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15 Best Innovations of 2020, According to Good Housekeeping Institute Experts

This excelled in our Cleaning Lab’s review, making dealing with trash effortless. We think it’s the perfect size for bathrooms, offices, and small kitchens. 

The automatic trash can is here

Until there’s a Roomba that takes out the trash, this self-sealing bin from TOWNEW is as close as we’ll get to an automated garbage experience.

Gadgets that Help

Make Life Easier

Tech should work for you, not the other way around. AARP’s contributing tech writers rounded up and tried out some of the latest gadgets that can help make life easier for people over 50.

This Self-Sealing Bin Takes the

Mess out of Emptying the Trash

Perhaps the number one thing you don't want to experience at both the office and home is a stinky trash can. And yet, rotting food and smelly garbage have a way of being constant. 

This Smart Trash Can Seals and Replaces Its Own Bags

If you hate handling the trash can, there’s an invention that can help. A self-changing smart trash can seals bags once they’re full and replaces them with new bags, so all you have to do is take out the trash.

Smart Home Tech for Spring Cleaning

Is there a more disheartening task than tackling the trash? Wrestling with refuse-filled receptacles is one of the least appealing and yet most necessary and frequent chores. Fortunately, TOWNEW is here to ameliorate this messy job. 

The Smartest Ideas For A Really  Smart Home Seen At CES 2020

Of all that was presented at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, we have chosen 5 technological innovations for the smart home , capable of making it truly intelligent, and simplifying our lives.

6 ‘Smart’ Products That Will Up

Your Home’s IQ This Year

The following is a look at a few smart ways to bump up your home’s IQ. Some are just debuting now while others may not be out until the end of the year.

The Best New Gadgets of 2020

From Alexa-powered showers to a self-sealing bin, this is the weird and wonderful world of CES 2020. GQ are in town to get a first look at the latest and greatest gizmos unveiled at CES before they hit the shelves. Here’s a bunch of our favourites...

Futuristic hands-free trash can automatically seals full garbage bags and replaces them 

Garbage receptacles aren’t often singled out for awards, but this week a futuristic new trash can earned a CES 2020 Innovation Award for its unique automated design.

TOWNEW bin seals and changes garbage bags at the push of a button

Hygiene is also improved by the presence of movement-detecting infrared sensors, which open the lid in response to approaching rubbish.

The Best of CES 2020 award winners announced

 Here are the standouts we awarded with top honors that we think will help enhance your life and solve common problems. 

CES 2020: These gadgets can

help you live your best lazy life

No, it won't roll your garbage out to the street, yet. But it at least seals up the bag once it's full. And it replaces the bag automatically when you take out the trash, so you no longer have to struggle to separate the opening of a fresh trash bag. 

Meet the World's first self-sealing and self-changing trash can

In a perfect world, the trash would take itself out and we'd never get our hands dirty. And while that doesn't exist (yet), we now have the next best thing: the world's first self-sealing and changing trash can.

The best new gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020

While a robot that takes out the trash for you may still be a few years away, a new invention by TOWNEW may be the next best thing. The new trash can will seal a bag of garbage with the push of a button and even line the can with a new bag.

The 10 best new technologies coming out of CES 2020

2020 is already off to a strong start for the bizarre, with wacky robots, spinning tellies and even more things unnecessarily connected to the internet. Here are some of the our picks for the ten best inventions coming out of CES this year.

This Trash Can Seals and

Changes the Trash Bag for You

Taking out the trash is probably the worst chore. You have to hold your breath while reaching into the bin, hoping nothing gross and sticky gets on you, tie it off, and then wrestle a new liner into the trash can. Ready to cross that off the list forever? 

TOWNEW, a new automatic and intelligent trash can

Trash chores become lighter. In the same vein as domestic connected objects such as Roomba the vacuum cleaner, here is TOWNEW, the new intelligent trash can . With automatic cleaning, it will close your trash bags and immediately install a new one, ready to use. 

Make Taking Out the Trash

Your Easiest Chore With This

Self-Sealing Trash Can

 It’s the same plastic that LEGO uses for many of its bricks—and if you’ve ever stepped on one of those, you know just how durable it is.

Let the Automated TOWNEW

Trash Can Do the Dirty Work

TOWNEW is the name of the world’s first self-sealing and bag-changing trash can. When the trash bag inside is full, one press of the button & the 4-gallon can automatically seals up the bag and pulls a new one into place—so all you have to do is pick it up & carry it out.




The top tech gifts so far this

year under $100

Thanks to the overload feature, it can even seal the bag properly when the trash is overflowing. This is a great gift idea no one will see coming. 

TOWNEW trash cans change your garbage bags so you don't have to

No one looks forward to changing the garbage bag. And with the TOWNEW, you don’t have to. Robots are taking over the world, and they first job is to automate that stinky chore you despise.

BBC Click:

Viva Las Vegas

BBC Click comes from CES in Las Vegas, the world’s largest tech show. With the latest announcements from the show and a look at trends for the year ahead.

The Best Smart Home Products

at CES 2020

Hate dealing with the trash? This little guy will do all the dirty work for you.

Cool new products that would

have been at the massive

Home Show canceled over coronavirus.

Getting a whiff of last night's fish dinner in the garbage can is gross. TOWNEW, a self-sealing, self-changing garbage can may solve this problem. 

High-Tech Trash Cans for

Your Smart Home

Looking for a wiser way to manage waste? You’ve got options. The TOWNEW Automatic Trash Can is the hottest garbage gadget around.

This Genius Trash Bin Changes Its Own Bag and We’re Amazed

I’m pretty easy-going in the cleaning department compared to most, but if there’s one pet peeve I have, it’s going to throw something away in the trash — only to find an empty bin where a trash bag should be.This genius device will not only seal your trash bag for you once it’s full, it will replace the bag.